RefME Word Plugin

A standalone Word plugin that allows the users to cite as they write and manage their bibliography from within Office Word.

Sneak peek of the RefME Word Plugin.

My role
MVP user stories definition, facilitation of a UX workshop with developers, prototypes, graphic design, participation in usability testing, marketing promotion

Download RefME for Word in the Microsoft Office store.

Business Need

To build an MVP product which value proposition is comparable with competitors and to make the paid B2C and B2B subscriptions more attractive.

UX Workshop

I organized the first UX workshop in the company, where with developers, designers and product owner we broke down given epics into the user stories. Together we prioritized them, agreed on the MVP line and then we started to design.


The attendees were split into two groups so the roles were mixed and they were instructed to sketch their solution for the agreed user stories. In a couple of minutes, they presented their design to the other team and replied their questions. Before the second round of the same exercise, where they were allowed to steal the best ideas from the opposite group, we dot-voted and discussed the pros and cons of suggested designs.

UX workshop.


Thanks to the UX workshop the developers were on board from the very beginning and we easily constructed the first conceptual model of the new Word plugin, which was the foundation for the next steps.

Word plugin wireframes.

Wireframes created in Balsamiq and tested in marketing department internally.

Hi-Fi Prototype

Before the customers were invited for the real usability session, we created detailed and working built-in prototype with reusable UI elements from our web application.

Next iterations and advanced stories

After the first prototypes were validated and the usability issues fixed, we have changed the graphic design and ran a few next iterations of usability testing.

First iteration of Word plugin Hi-Fi prototype.
Next iteration of Word plugin Hi-Fi prototype.

Marketing promotion

Within the Word plugin release, we suggested a content outline and created the visual design for all of the channels, e.g. official Office Store, banners, RefME website and premium triggers in the application.

RefME Word Plugin marketing promotion.

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