RealUXCamp Event

Barcamp which honors its name - camping and presentations in the wild countryside.

Sneak peek of the official microsite about Kentico CMS redesign.

My role
logotype, visual language for the event, wireframe, graphic design, copy for the website, HTML/CSS, marketing materials


Originated by a former colleague and friend Berka at the UX camp Berlin in 2013. Barcamp with real camp conditions is held in his house in a small village called Bukovina near to Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic.

Real Camp Conditions

People sleep in tents, presentations happen in the meadow and the food is prepared in smokehouse. Although the atmosphere is very informal, the presentations become popular among many UX designers. Last year there were almost 120 attendees.

Visual Consistency

To strengthen the brand, logotype was extended by a customizable badge which is regulary used in communication.

RealUXCamp logo applications.
RealUXCamp T-shirt.

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