Information Architecture

Redesign of over-complex navigation, tabs and dashboard included.

Sneak peek of the simplified navigation

My role
hypotheses, prototype, demonstration, evaluation at conference, graphic design, implementation review


Old navigation was complicated and the users had problems to adopt the information structure. Web agencies using Kentico CMS for their clients reported many hours spent in training.


Replacing the tree-oriented ribbon toolbar navigation with customizable personal dashboard and flat structure would improve the learning process and make navigation easier.

Old navigation in the Newsletter application

Example of old navigation in the Newsletter application.


Consisted of a new application list and a personal dashboard for the most popular applications, demonstrated the new navigation approach via sidebar and breadcrumbs. Moreover, reworking system tabs saved more than 20% of the layout. The clickable prototype is available at

The Prototype of a new navigation

Evaluation Process

Held at Kentico Connection, which is Kentico community conference taking place in Boston, Sydney and London. Feedback on our hypotheses was gathered from almost 10% of all the web agencies using the Kentico CMS.


After a quick demonstration and Q&A at our UX kiosk attendees were asked to complete of Likert Scale questionnaire. The data helped us to confirm our hypotheses.

Likert Scale questionnaire


After evaluation and small adjustments we were able to prepare backlog, which led to two MVPs that were again evaluted with community via webinars and one official release.

Reworked tabs and the new navigation in the Newsletter application

Reworked tabs and the new navigation in the Newsletter application.

The application list

The application list.

The personalized dashboard with favourite applications

The personalized and customizable dashboard with favourite applications.

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